The 30 mile trail fest ride will tour multiple areas of Patapsco Valley State Park, taking the most popular route from last year’s Epic. Patapsco Valley State Park follows a steep valley with trails snaking up and down each side of the valley, so expect the excitement of a roller coaster as you’ll be going up and down with very little flat terrain when on the single track. Many climbs are ¼ to ½ mile in length with some being quite steep ascents. The trails are mostly classic, east coast singletrack, with everything from root gardens and rocks to smoother, flowing downhills. Although no one section is excessively demanding, the course keeps you working most of the time with very little flat or road sections to rest on. There will be 3 aid stations, each about 10 miles apart with mechanics and nutrition. This ride truly showcases some of the best trails in the valley and is always a treat to ride!

PVSP Trailfest 30 Mile Ride


More Details to come!