What is the Patapsco Trail Fest?

The Patapsco Trail Fest, A Rally in the Valley is the trail event for all ages, abilities and user groups.  The event includes two nights of camping, guided hikes, a mountain bike race, ride and enduro, and a half and full off-road marathon.

In every activity there will be distances and levels of difficulty designed specifically for kids and families. We are excited about this format and we think it’s a great fit for the park and it’s diverse group of users!

… And yeah, beer gardens, demo and food trucks, playgrounds etc. etc.

What happened to the Patapsco Epic and the Patapsco 100?

Both the Patapsco Epic and the Patapsco 100 are being tabled in 2016.  

Why? There are several reasons:

  • Our community is a diverse group of users.  Many mountain bikers use the trails included in the Epic and the 100 for more than just knobby tires.  
  • The highly successful Patapsco Trail Work Series consistently has volunteers representing many different interests and groups.  Expanding the scope of the event to include activities other than biking benefits the entire community and the park.
  • The Epic and 100 were both scheduled to fit within the endurance racing season.  By shortening the event and moving the date to September, we believe it can be enjoyed by more people, with less schedule conflicts and optimal trail conditions.

In short, the Patapsco community has decided to have one inclusive event to celebrate the remarkable trail system that we all share and enjoy, and to promote camaraderie and stewardship across user groups.

Who are the organizations behind the Patapsco Trail Fest?

The event will be presented by a coalition of nonprofits including MORE, Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park, Old Line Velo, Adventures For The Cure, the Patapsco Valley 50K, the Patapsco Heritage Greenway and the Mountain Club of Maryland.

What’s the schedule?

Camping on Friday and Saturday nights, cycling and hiking events on Saturday, trail running on Sunday.  The trails are open throughout the event so if you want to use them while one of the other events is taking place you’re free to do so, we just ask that you be considerate and not interfere with participants in other organized events.  Some suggestions include biking to Ellicott City or beyond, kayaking in Daniels, frisbee golfing at McKeldin, or geocaching just to name a few.

Can I bring my family?

You bet.

How much does it cost?

Short answer: We don’t know yet.

Long Answer: Every effort has been taken to keep fees to an absolute minimum, but there is a nominal cost to put on an event of this magnitude.  Fees will be announced when the registration is opened up, but keep mind the goal of event is to cover costs first, with any additional proceeds donated by the sponsoring organizations to the charities and causes they support.

The Epic and the 100 were fundraisers, why not focus on raising funds?

We are raising funds for the park through the Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park and its annual fundraiser, Cocktails for the Trails, at the historic Elkridge Furnace Inn on June 16.  

We strongly encourage everyone to come out and support this event, it’s a heck of a nice party and assembly of folks who make Patapsco so great.  And, please – if you have connections with granting organizations, businesses or would like to make a contribution – please let us know!  Your support goes directly to Patapsco Valley State Park.

When can I sign up?

Soon, we’ll be opening up registration as soon as we pull it together.

How do I get involved, how does my group get involved?

We want you aboard. Send us an email at development@more-mtb.org, or message us on Facebook-  https://www.facebook.com/Patapsco-Trail-Fest-773896902738168/

Is there a rain date?

Yes, the following weekend, September 24/25.